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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Create MSI, EXE, MSIX or APPX installer for a Portable App and Submit to Microsoft Store! (Advanced Installer)

First of all, yes, Microsoft makes it hard to impossible for developers to submit and publish their apps at Microsoft Store!

Saying that, the most important thing to know is, for traditional Win32 Apps, developers should\must submit "MSI" or "EXE" installers, otherwise, developers should submit "MSIX" or "APPX" installers!

Unfortunately, most traditional Win32 Apps from "Microsoft Web Store", in which are installed with "MSIX" or "APPX" packages, tend to don't work properly, that's why most developers don't make their traditional Win32 Apps available at "Microsoft Web Store"!

Alternatively, traditional Win32 Apps can be submitted to "Microsoft App Store", in which allows traditional Win32 Apps to be installed with "MSI" or "EXE" packages, allowing them to work properly and as intended!

Microsoft Web Store: https://www.microsoft.com
Microsoft App Store: https://apps.microsoft.com

Unfortunately, although "MSI" and "EXE" apps can be marked as "Paid", the price can't be set and developers can't sell them directly from Microsoft Store!

To know more, download all the files from the above video through the link below:

#AdvancedInstaller Advanced Installer
#MSI #EXE #MSIX #APPX #Installer


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