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Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Best Protection For Your Email Account!

Believe it or not, the best protection for your email account is to not make its "main email address" public by any means, only you should know about its existence!

The "main email address" should be used only to login into your email account, never share it with nobody, never use it to sign up or create accounts in websites, etc!

In the other hand, create 1 or multiple "alias email address\es" in your email account and use it\them to share with people, sign up or create accounts in websites, etc!

Finally, always make sure that none of your "alias email addresses" have the permission to login into your email account!

That's it! If hackers don´t know the door to your email account, so they can't try any keys!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Android - Move Files and Folders Instantly!

The Cut\Paste in the Android built-in file manager is slow! It actually does not "Move" the files\folders, it creates new ones by copy\pasting the old ones to the new location, then it deletes the old ones from the old location!

So basically, Cut\Paste = Copy\Paste\Delete, in Android built-in file manager! (Which is absurd and ridiculous!)

In the other hand, if you want Cut\Paste to move files\folders fast and instantly, you can use 3rd party file manager apps like "FX File Explorer"!

The Cut\Paste from "FX File Explorer" works as intended, it does not create new files\folders, it just changes the location of files\folders that already exist to a new location!

FX File Explorer (Google Play Store)

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Android - Edit Text Files From SD card!

In several Android phones, 3rd Party Apps like text editors can´t access or edit files from SD cards (External Storage)!

Fortunately, there are 3rd Party Apps like "FX File Explorer" that allows you to access and edit files from SD cards!

In order to be able to "edit" files from SD cards with "FX File Explorer", you need to:

 - Open "FX File Explorer", then open "Media Card"
 - in "Media Card" press the settings button, then press the "Enable Write Access"
 - Now you can edit text files from SD card with "FX File Explorer"

FX File Explorer (Google Play Store)

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Android - Some Fixes for 3rd Party Alarm Apps Not Going Off On Time or Not Going Off At All!

Best Alarm App for Android! (Click here)


 - go to settings, then open "Battery"

 - disable "Battery Saver", or, if possible, exclude the alarm app if "Battery Saver" is enabled!

 - disable "Battery Optimization", or, if possible, exclude the alarm app if "Battery Optimization" is enabled!

 - disable "Standby Inteligent Power Saving", or, if possible, exclude the alarm app if "Standby Inteligent Power Saving" is enabled!

Enable Auto-Start:

 - go to settings, open "Smart Manager", then open "App Manager"

 - allow the alarm app to auto-start

Power Saving:

 - go to settings, open "Smart Manager", then open "Power Saving"

 - exclude the alarm app from any Optimization options available

Monday, October 25, 2021

Android - Best Alarm App

"Caynax Alarm Clock" is the best alarm app for Android available so far!

 - Very well organized
 - It shows the time left for each alarm to go off
 - Next alarm\s can be skipped
 - Multi snooze options available

Caynax Alarm Clock (Free)

Caynax Alarm Clock Pro

Some Fixes for 3rd Party Alarm Apps Not Going Off On Time or Not Going Off At All on Android! (Click Here)

Android - Change Ring Time

Normally, 5 seconds is min and 30 seconds is max! (Depends on the phone carrier!)

Call your phone carrier if you want to set a value higher than the max allowed!)

Disabling "voicemail" and "missed calls sms" may allow ringing duration to go higher than 30/45 seconds!

If you want "missed calls" notification to play ring music from start to end, do it from "Settings\Apps & notifications\Phone\App notifications"!

To find out your voicemail number and how long your phone is currently ringing before diverting to voicemail, dial:


    You’ll see a pop-up appear that tells you your voicemail phone number, and how many seconds your phone will ring for each call that comes in.

Another way to find voicemail number:

 - in dial screen, open "Settings", "Call Settings", then "Call Forwarding"

 - In some phones, in "Call Forwarding" option, the ring duration and voicemail number can be changed by using the "When Unanswered" option!

Note that, the voicemail number may be different than the phone number, example:

    phone number: +238     9348756
    voicemail:        +238 18 9348756


To change ringing duration, dial:   **61*VoicemailNumber**Seconds#

Example, after dialing *#61#, +238189348756 is returned:

    for (15 seconds):    **61*+238189348756**15#

    for (30 seconds):    **61*+238189348756**30#

You’ll then see a pop-up appear with a message that says “Call forwarding successful”!


Another way is to use:  **61*101**Seconds#

    for (15 seconds):   **61*101**15#
    for (30 seconds):   **61*101**30#

Make sure to write down your voicemail number first before using this method because it may change your voicemail number to "101"!

If your voicemail number was changed to "101", use the other methods mentioned above to revert it back!

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