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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Fix for "Microsoft Store" app getting stuck at "Starting Download" while installing "MSI" or "EXE" apps in virtual machines like VirtualBox!

Windows 10, and probably Windows 11 as well, requires 2 or more CPUs core to work properly!

Virtual machines software like VirtualBox use by default only 1 CPU core, which may cause all kind of problems we can and can't imagine, including "Microsoft Store" app getting stuck at "Starting Download" while installing "MSI" or "EXE" apps!

2 CPUs core may be enough to fix such problems, but more can be used if necessary! (Don't use more CPUs core than the one recommended by the virtual machine software!)

"MSI" or "EXE" apps examples available at "Microsoft Store" app:

- Keyboard and Mouse Locker
- PdfClerk (msi)
- InstallAware
- Avast

If "Microsoft Store" app can't find or install traditional "MSI" or "EXE" Win32 apps, it means that the "Microsoft Store" app itself needs to be updated!

Make sure the Windows OS is using at least 2 or more CPUs core, otherwise, "Microsoft Store" app may get stuck at "Starting Download" while installing "MSI" or "EXE" apps! ("MSConfig" can be used to check or set the number of CPUs core that the Windows OS can use!)

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