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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

[Tor] Create "New Circuit" for a Domain at every given time!

First of all, the code to create a "New Tor Circuit" for a domain was found in the gitlab page of Tor! (See line 516 <Click Here>)

Secondly, the code only works in "Browser" console (Shift + Ctrl + j), it does not work neither in "<script>" tag nor in "Web" console (Shift + Ctrl + k)!

Thirdly, in order to run codes in "Browser" console, "devtools.chrome.enabled" from "about:config" must be set to "true"! (See the image above for more details!)

 Below is the code to Create "New Tor Circuit" for a given domain:

Change "w3schools.com" to any other domain you want! (It must be "Domain.com", not "www.Domain.com"! For example, "www.w3schools.com" does not work!)

After executing the code, open "w3schools.com" in a new "tab", or just reload the current open tab, and you will notice that the "Tor circuit" was changed!

Below is the code to create "New Tor Circuit" for a Domain at every given time (Copy and paste the code in "Browser" console):

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