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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

DDOS with File Upload?

Login DDoS?

Is it possible to DDOS by uploading files, logging-in, sending posts, sending emails, searching or just by sending multiple Http requests to websites?

Download the files from the videos and do your own tests!
Use at your own risk! (This is mainly to be used by developers on their own websites!)


- "Every" option added! (Send x number of "Request\s" at every given time!)

- "Server Response Timeout" option added!

- Some infos and codes related to "Freeing Ram Memory" added!

- "Response Text Contains" added! (Informs if a server response contains words such as "Cloudflare", "Access denied", "rate limit", etc!)

- "Repeat" option added! (When a "request" terminates, a new "request" initiates!)



#html #css #javascript #php #dos #ddos

Saturday, January 16, 2021

[PHP] Upload Spoofed Files

"spoofed.jpg.php" is a spoofed "jpg" file with a "php" code appended at the end of the image-binary-data with "HxD" binary\hex editor tool!

Extension check is useful to prevent files to be stored in the server with dangerous extensions such as ".php,.xml,.html, etc"!

"mime_content_type" and "exif_imagetype" should be used for identification purposes only, not for security purposes!

The above functions should not be used for security purposes because both of them allow spoofed files!

A spoofed file is, for example, a "jpg" image file with a "php" code appended at the end of the image-binary-data!

This page just demonstrates a simple example on how it's dangerous to use "$_FILES['file']['name']" with "mime_content_type" or "exif_imagetype" functions!

Download the files below and do your own tests:


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