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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stretch to Screen Games while in Fullscreen Mode

When Windows Desktop uses the recommend or the highest resolution, most gpu control panels don't show the "Stretch to Screen" image scale option in order to prevent black areas on the screen edges while using applications, such games, in fullscreen mode with low resolutions!

- all you have to do is to change your Windows desktop resolution to a lower resolution

  (When you do this, you will notice black areas on your screen edges! If not, lower the resolution even more!)

- Then go to the gpu control panel, and select "Stretch to Screen" in image scale option. (the black areas on your screen edges will go away!)

  (if "Stretch to Screen" option is still not available, lower your desktop resolution even more and try again!)

- then change your desktop resolution back to it's recommended or highest resolution

  (the gpu control panel may hide "Stretch to Screen" option again, but the option is already saved\enabled! - No need to worry!)

- After that, when you play a video game with low resolutions in fullscreen mode, you will notice no black areas on your screen edges!

Tested with Intel HD Graphics 3000 gpu, some Nvidea and ATI\AMD gpus!

Stretch to Screen Games while in Fullscreen Mode
Gpu Stretch to Screen Image Scale option missing
Graphic Control Panel Stretch to Screen Image Scale option missing
Intel HD Graphics 3000 how to stretch to screen image

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