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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Android - Move Files and Folders Instantly!

The Cut\Paste in the Android built-in file manager is slow! It actually does not "Move" the files\folders, it creates new ones by copy\pasting the old ones to the new location, then it deletes the old ones from the old location!

So basically, Cut\Paste = Copy\Paste\Delete, in Android built-in file manager! (Which is absurd and ridiculous!)

In the other hand, if you want Cut\Paste to move files\folders fast and instantly, you can use 3rd party file manager apps like "FX File Explorer"!

The Cut\Paste from "FX File Explorer" works as intended, it does not create new files\folders, it just changes the location of files\folders that already exist to a new location!

FX File Explorer (Google Play Store)

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