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Thursday, November 5, 2020

[PHP] Check_File_Write_Queue(Function)

Like PHP built-in "flock()" function, "Check_File_Write_Queue()" function can be used to queue almost all, if not all, Requests\Tasks in PHP, and as the former, the latter function was mainly written to handle file write queue!

An interesting difference between the 2 functions is that, "Check_File_Write_Queue()" is more precise than "flock()", for example, if "Add A" is clicked 5 times at once, then "Add B" is also clicked 5 times at once, the output in "Edit_File_Content.txt" file from "Check_File_Write_Queue()" will always be "AAAAABBBBB" and from "flock()" will vary, "AAABBABBBA", "BBAABBAABA", "ABABBBAABA", "BBBBBAAAAA", "AAAAABBBBB", etc, which means that "Check_File_Write_Queue()" always handles the requests in the correct order and "flock()" sometimes does and sometimes does not!
"Check_File_Write_Queue()" function:

Same as above, but "flock()" function used instead:

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